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Gaytravel-greece.com is an established lgbt travel resource. Anyone looking for an online super site where one can research one’s trips, get advice from industry experts as well as fellow travelers, book all travel arrangements and receive special rates and upgrades, gaytravel-greece.com is just what one is looking for.

The mission

Gaytravel-greece.com is committed to being Greece’s leading resource for lgbt travel related information, services and products. Continuous research is the way to provide a wide range of travel options at preferred prices. We strive to provide an ever expanding selection of trips, holidays and information for lgbt travelers. Anyone has the option to consult with our industry experts and to book one’s holidays via secure and reliable methodologies. We care about one’s travel experience and remain committed to providing lgbt travelers around the globe with the tools to make every destination both pleasurable and comfortable.

Our methods

Our team of experienced lgbt travelers have scanned Greece in search of the best holiday excursions, places to stay and services. Our website brings together a diverse, international network of lgbt and lgbt friendly businesses to deliver all the information one needs to research and book one’s holidays directly with our conscientious and discreet agents. The gaytravel-greece.com call center is staffed with lgbt travel experts who are committed to making ones holiday a fabulous and worthy experience.
We also believe that one of the best resources for fresh and accurate information nationwide is our community itself. We will use the interactive environment of the Internet to encourage travelers to share their experiences, recommendations and referrals. Throughout our site, there will shortly be a place for anyone to add comments and ask questions.

Join us

We are rapidly expanding our partnerships with leading merchants, businesses, publications and travel related organizations across Greece.
Anyone interested in partnering with gaytravel-greece.com please contact us.


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