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Welcome to Corfu of the green, of the castles and stately homes, of all of the riotous colors of the rainbow, of the glistening green after the rain, of culture and the arts, of red tiled roofs, and warm sunny smiles.

Welcome to Corfu-Kerkyra!

If it is true that any description of any place is inferior to the place itself, then imagine the beauty of Corfu-Kerkyra (sometimes even spelled Kerkira) as you go through the following texts, written by non-Greek, non-travel agent admirers of the beauty of the island:

1) Flaming sunsets, exotic scenery, magical colours, romantic moonlight, luxurious vegetation, (lush green even in the height of summer) a riot of radiant flowers and colourful blooms, centuries old silver olive groves, glowing oranges, scented lemons, rich pergolas, sleepy lagoons, forgotten coves, bubbling springs, exciting caves, virgin beaches, golden sands, and pellucid turquoise emerald seas there is surely no other island in the whole universe to which these superlatives collectively apply. [1963] John Fort, British Vice Consul

2) Climb to Vigla in the time of cherries and look down. You will see that the island lies against the mainland roughly in the form of a sickle. On the landward side you have a great bay, noble and serene, and almost completely landlocked. Northward the tip of the sickle almost touches Albania and here the troubled blue of the Ionian is sucked harshly between ribs of limestone and spits of sand. Kalami fronts the Albanian foothills, and into it the water races as into a swimming pool: a milky ferocious green when the north wind curdles it. Lawrence Durrel

Indeed, welcome to Corfu ...
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