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Helicopter Charter Services

Today, chartering a Helicopter or Renting a private Jet is an option that you should check every time you travel, either for business or pleasure. Our standard objectives are safety, customer satisfaction, speed and comfort.

Yacht Charter Services

Charter a boat and sail or cruise the Greek Islands. Travel into the vividness of their colors by choosing a reliable and experienced guide, Windmills Travel.

Car Rental or Car Hire in GreeceRenting a car will give you the independence and opportunity to have first-hand access to even more hidden treasures of Greece. When you hire a car and you do not hold a European Passport, you need to have International Driving license.
Limousine RentalTravel in Style, comfort and luxury! Whether a simple transfer or a multi-day hire, our limousine service is perfect for both leisure and business travelers.
Private Jet

Like the Helicopters,  chartering an aircraft is an option that you should check every time you travel, whether for business or pleasure. 


Main difference is that with the Jets we do need a minimum runway length plus an airport that is open at the time of landing.

RentalsWhether by land, sea or air, we cover all of your needs in Greece.
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